February 11, 2014

Deco Halo Releases "The Liberation of Little Miss Muffet"

Deco Halo announces the release of their first full-length studio album, an effort that spanned more than ten years, multiple musicians, break ups, divorce, marriages, and long distance collaboration. "I can't tell you how relieved and excited I am to see this day," gushes Columbus-native Renee Paul, one half of the songwriting duo. "This has truly been a labor of love, one that at times didn't seem like it was going to happen."

Along with Paul, who is the singer and lyricist, Deco Halo features Len
Rivers as primary composer, bass player, and producer. Rivers started Deco Halo as a project concept in 2001, with the goal to be creative, be different, and see where that leads. Says Rivers, "These songs are our history.  Most of this album was recorded in my basement.  It's good for them to see the light of day."

Paul was Deco Halo's second singer, but the combination of Rivers'
musical creativity and Paul's command of lyrics and melody elevated the band to a new level, allowing them to leave the comfort of Rivers'
basement for venues throughout the Midwest and as far east as Philadelphia.

Differing priorities and conflicting interests led to the demise of the group
in 2005, but Rivers and Paul kept in touch and reformed as a duo a few years ago. Collaborating primarily through emails and video chats, with
only occasional sessions in person, the two began crafting new music and reworking many of the original songs. The first goal: release the best of the first era of Deco Halo.

"Over the years, many of our fans asked us if we'd ever release any of
that material, so we knew the interest was there. What we didn't know
was just how much going into the studio would inspire us to rework them
and make them relevant to today."

The themes that permeate the album, as illustrated by the title, are
liberation and empowerment - freeing oneself from bad memories or situations, finding a voice, being comfortable with one's self, and generally being confident enough to say what's on your mind. "And sex," adds Paul, with a mischievous grin.

The album is available starting today on iTunes, Amazon, etc, etc, etc.
Visit www.decohalo.com and Facebook.com/decohalomusic for more information about the group, the music, and what's next.


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Deco Halo: The Liberation of Little Miss Muffet