Deco Halo is an Ohio-based musical duo that combines an alt-rock musician in pursuit of a unique sound and a singer-songwriter with a story to tell. The end result is an ecclectic mix of alternative, pop, and rock songs full of emotion, passion, and at times, aggression. The duo consists of Renee Paul, singer and lyricist, and Len Rivers, primary composer, bass player, and producer.

Rivers started Deco Halo as a 4-piece band in 2001, with the goal to be creative, be different, and see where that leads. Over time, the band toured Ohio and Pennsylvania and were featured in Columbus events such as COMFEST and Red, White and Boom. Differing priorities and conflicting interests led to the demise of the group in 2005, but Rivers and Paul kept in touch and reformed as a duo a few years ago. Now living in different cities, the two collaborate primarily through emails and video chats, with occasional sessions in person, to craft their music.



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Deco Halo: The Liberation of Little Miss Muffet