Released: February 2014
Decoverse Media

The Liberation
Of Little Miss Muffet

1. In Your Dreams
2. Boyfriend
3. Don't Believe Me
4. Spider
5. Confessions
6. One Man Show
7. Convenient Female
8. No Mystery
9. I Will, I Won't

Deco Halo: The Liberation of Little Miss Muffet

About The Liberation of Little Miss Muffett

This album tells the story of the ups and downs in one woman's relationship struggles. The story begins with the heroine, Little Miss Muffett, lusting after a new attraction; first from afar, in In Your Dreams, and then directly in Boyfriend. When she succeeds, she finds herself in the position of not wanting to be too vulnerable, and the battle of "I like you, but don't want to tell you how much" comes into play with Don't Believe Me. In Spider, we get a peek into the psyche of Little Miss Muffett and a personal trauma that perhaps prevents her from maintaining a happy and healthy love life. The subsequent demise of her relationship leads to her lover seeking solace elsewhere, a fact he selfishly chooses to tell her in Confessions.

With the opening lines of One-Man Show, our heroine celebrates her newfound independence, declaring, "I'm only as whole as I can be all my myself." Of course, not all her decisions are good ones in this new world, and she finds herself having to end a fling with a man who found her to be the perfect Convenient Female while his lover was gone. No Mystery represents the anger Little Miss Muffett feels - both at herself and at the people who have hurt her - and she finds her strongest voice.

Free from her demons, free from bad relationships, our heroine enters a new phase in her life - one in which she truly realizes the promise of being whole all by herself. And as is the case with many relationships, it's times like these - when you aren't looking at all - that the right one comes along: I Will, I Won't.